6 Face lifting techniques you can do at home

Ven though every age brings its own beauty and wisdom, there are some changes that come with aging that we would like to slow down a bit. When we are younger, the fat on our faces is distributed evenly, so every part of it looks lifted. Over time, that fat starts losing volume and shifts downward. However, just like with our bodies, we can do some exercises to tone up our faces too.
In this article we have found some very simple, and even pleasurable, face massage techniques that you can do every day to get impressive results.


1. To smooth the forehead

This exercise is aimed at preventing wrinkles and making those persistent lines on your forehead smoother. Repeat the following steps 4 times:

  • Place your 2 fists on your forehead.
  • Use your middle and index fingers to apply pressure.
  • Slowly slide your fists, while maintaining pressure.
  • Stop at your temples, softly making the pressure stronger.


2. To plump the cheeks

Round cheeks are a sign of a young, “baby-like” face, and you can try doing this exercise to get this effect:

  • Tightly close your lips.
  • Form “fish lips” by sucking your cheeks in.
  • Keep this position for around 10 seconds.

Repeat 5 times.


3. To stretch the jaw

No one wants to have a double-chin or any jaw fat, so this massage technique can help you to prevent this problem.

  • Slide your lips to one side to feel a stretch in your cheek.
  • Turn your head to that side and put it upwards at a 45 degrees angle.
  • Hold this position for 3 seconds until you feel the stretch in your neck.
  • Repeat one more time, and then switch to the other side.



4. To firm the eyes

The most noticeable wrinkles usually appear around our eyes, so it is really important to take care of this in advance. Try following these easy steps:

  • Press 2 fingers on your temples.
  • Rapidly close and open your eyelids in a blinking motion for about 10 seconds.
  • Rest and repeat 5 times.

5. To lift the neck

The neck is one of the main indicators of aging, so do this exercise to keep it more toned:

  • Press your tongue tip to the roof of your mouth.
  • Look upward with your chin to the ceiling.
  • Smile and swallow.

Keep doing this for 30-60 seconds.

6. To firm up problem areas

This exercise engages your whole face effectively. While doing it, you should feel a slight burning on your face, like after a workout. So:

  • Form an “O” with your mouth.
  • Smile only with the corners of your mouth.
  • Put your fingers on your cheeks and firmly press them.
  • Move the jaw up and down as the head gently tilts backward.

Then relax and repeat 2 times.

What other exercises do you know of that can help with lifting and toning the face?

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