This rejuvenating short bob to adopt after 50 without hesitation

This rejuvenating short bob to adopt after 50 without hesitation

The bob cut is one of the most coveted by women over 50 and this is not by chance. Long enough to keep the feminine side, but short enough to camouflage the weakening of the hair, it is the cut to wear the cape of a certain outdated age. But what is this kind of special rejuvenating short square to adopt after 50 years to refresh you with scissors? Find out further in our article.

A blurred degraded square – the cut to adopt after 50 years according to Archzine

Which square after 50 years?

All types of square are practically good to wear after 50 years, except perhaps the strict straight square which tends to weigh down the features of the face. On the other hand, we would bet on everything that comes out of the regular, by favoring asymmetry, the gradient, the plunging effect, the undulations and everything that brings hair volume. Because as we have already suggested, after 50 years our efforts are mainly concentrated on techniques to revitalize our often weakened and thinning hair. The techniques that we have just listed are essentially aimed at lifting the roots, airing the hair and creating the impression of volume. This regain of material results in a very natural rejuvenation that takes several years off your real age. On the maintenance side, there is not much to do. Drying your hair upside down, while lightly scrunching it with your hands, is more than enough to achieve the desired effect. Nevertheless, if we have to name a kind of square that is the most rejuvenating at 50, it is undoubtedly the degraded blurred square that is the first to come to mind.

Hair waves to boost volume

short woman hairstyle 2023 long wavy square with parting in the middle of the hair

These include a square effortless, very ethereal which displays small discreet undulations. Both volumizing and very feminine, it can be worn in multiple ways for complete appropriation. Discover their advantages in the following lines.

With a parting in the middle

The most classic way is to wear it with a parting in the middle. Thus, the two sides of the face are perfectly framed by the waves of hair for perfect symmetry. The volume is distributed between the two sides of the face, which is a perfect trick to camouflage prominent jaws or cheeks. To rejuvenate yourself even more, adopt the trend of the year which is the curtain fringe.

A parting in the middle to frame the face well

hairstyle woman 50 years cut square wavy fuzzy parting in the middle

With a wick on the side

The wick on the side, we love it! It adds an accent of additional asymmetry and material on the front and on the top. Slipped behind the ear or covering part of the face, so as to emphasize the look, this lock can be styled in several ways. Smooth, wavy, crimped, embellished with a few barrettes – the choice is yours!

Wick on the side – bet on asymmetry

short square haircut for women over 50 wavy square fine hair blonde color

In plunging version

In order to maximize volume on top, a very plunging version of the layered bob is recommended. The shorter locks will accumulate at the top for a guaranteed vitality gain. The plunging effect, on its part, will let two longer strands garnish the sides of the face with finesse. Avoid straightening your mane and creasing the lengths. Add styling products, if necessary, to maintain this feminine and rebellious aspect at the same time.

A feminine plunging bob to maximize volume

short women's haircut 2023 short plunging square with locks of different length

With a fringe

The fringe is a perfect trick to camouflage the wrinkles dug on the forehead, which makes it even perfect to rejuvenate you. In addition, it has the advantage of emphasizing the look and softening the features. The material glides over the forehead and creates the impression of maximized volume. However, we do not recommend the straight and voluminous bangs which can have the opposite effect and weigh down instead of lightening and refining your features.

A square with fringe to foil the look

monica bellucci short haircut woman 50 years with asymmetrical bangs dark brown hair

Tapered bangs and disheveled hair to maximize material

hairstyle woman 50 years blooming degraded square cut woman with tapered bangs

short haircut for 50 year old woman with bangs and romantic curls

short haircut woman 60 years short degraded square with wick on the side

Wavy ends to emphasize lightness and freshness

short haircut woman 50 years square degraded blurred wavy

short haircut woman 50 years wavy square with an asymmetrical fringe and volume on top

women's haircut square degraded wavy with curtain bangs

haircut for fine hair and without volume woman 50 years polar blonde hair

50-year-old woman short fuzzy square haircut with asymmetrical bangs



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