How to choose your lingerie after 60? The best models to sculpt the body and enhance it effortlessly!

what bra for a sagging chest

How to choose your lingerie after 60? This is a relevant question that our team will be happy to answer. Our evolution as a woman goes through the change of our body. And that’s completely normal. However, this is easier said than done and often what you see in the mirror does not correspond to reality. Beautiful lingerie is a tool for all women who want to enhance their silhouette and conceal their small flaws. Without further ado, here are some tips for zero complexes and choosing a beautiful adapted lingerie.

Every woman feels special when she wears pretty underwear

Which lingerie for a woman over 50 to choose?

During menopause, the female body undergoes changes, especially in the breasts. As a result, it is essential to review your lingerie to choose more suitable and more comfortable models. According to stylists, every 6 months a bra adjustment is necessary. Did you know that many women don’t even know their exact size? This is a real mistake, because the right size will make you stand out and visa versa. Go to a lingerie store where you will be assisted by a consultant to find yours.

Wear underwear in eco-friendly materials if you have sensitive skin

what lingerie for 60 year old woman panties green pink and black

#Bra – for a pretty lifted breasts

A molded soft cup bra is a very suitable shape for a woman over 60. It brings suppleness and firmness at the same time. In addition, there are very elegant and pretty models depending on the style you like when it comes to lingerie. Indeed, underwear has a shorter lifespan. Therefore, our advice is to have 3 different styles in two colors.

Bring the breasts together in a natural way with the right bra

how to choose your lingerie after 50 years woman sweater

#Panties – sculpt your butt and belly

Panties perfectly adapted to the morphology can make all the difference. Minimizing a round belly, eliminating love handles or enhancing the buttocks are among the benefits that good panties can bring. To have this firming effect, the material is the most important factor. Choose stretch or microfiber fabrics for more everyday comfort. High-waisted panties are very trendy at the moment and hide the curves around the belly while emphasizing the waist. The visual effect is truly breathtaking.

High-waisted panties are essential in the lingerie arsenal

how to choose underwear when you have curves

#Sculpting lingerie – an immediate slimming effect

Sculpting lingerie is there to help you shape your body. From a certain age, you can notice a loss of firmness, regardless of whether you are thin or plump. As a result, this may restrict some of your clothing choices. The wedding season is approaching and the choice to wear a pretty dress is essential. Today’s sculpting lingerie models no longer have anything to do with memorizing big panties. Some underwear is even very modern and sensual with their retro shape or their slightly satiny material. Lace adorns the most sophisticated models.

You must take your measurements before each purchase of a new bra

how to choose lingerie after a certain age

#Seamless underwear – second skin

Seamless underwear is fashion’s biggest recent hit. It is essential for every woman to have at least one set. They provide maximum comfort in everyday life. In addition, this material adapts perfectly to the body without bulking it up. You can wear them, at least during your sports sessions for more flexibility. And finally, seamless underwear is easy to care for and much more durable.

Seamless underpants are perfect for wearing a tight dress

sheathing underwear to wear with a red dress women's lingerie 50 years old


Camisoles in nude, white or black color are very practical. They bring an elegant look under a cardigan or a V-neck sweater, for example. All in all, they are worn all year round and suitable for every season.

Wear a camisole under a sweater for the chic side

wear camisoles look woman 60 years old jeans sweater and suitcase

#Materials and colors

Choose quality materials to keep an elegant look, especially for sexier lingerie. Because we can quickly fall into the vulgar. The color of your skin should be a criterion in order to choose the right color of underwear that will highlight you.

Ask the seller for advice on choosing the right set

which lingerie for a woman over 50 to choose

Which bra for a sagging chest?

If your chest is small and you only want to enhance it, you have different options. A push-up without padding to naturally enhance your breasts ensures that you look good if you have opted for an outfit with a low neckline. There are different degrees of push-ups. Take the model that does not squeeze you and in which you feel beautiful and irresistible. And if you are complexed by your generous chest, there are models that visually reduce the volume. This solution can be useful when you want to wear dresses or tighter clothes.

The silhouette is highlighted by the choice of clothes and the choice of underwear

what bra when aging a burgundy color model

Which bra as you age?

For most women over 50, the difficulty comes when choosing a bra. Maintenance is their biggest concern. It is therefore necessary to favor a bra with underwiring and wide straps. Or shell models, if you’re not a fan of the one with underwiring. For generous breasts, there are models that support the breasts without back pain. The demi-cup bra has a wide back and vertical seams, which helps lift the bust from below. It allows you to create a very sensual square neckline.

Buying lingerie sets is synonymous with good taste

women's beige underwear set 50 years old

Tips for buying sexy lingerie for women over 50

Lingerie is also made to feel sexy. And don’t panic, it is at the service of your ladies to make you irresistible. The first piece of advice we can give you is to wear ensembles. High-waisted lace panties with matching soft cup bra. For color, wear black so you don’t make mistakes. Otherwise, you have to adapt your underwear to your skin incarnation. The bodysuit is the must-have for the sexy attitude and the favorite of women of all ages. Templates and styles are limitless. Treat yourself while enhancing your silhouette. Finally, satin or silk babydolls have encrusted cups to support the breasts. Don’t forget that your lingerie is at the service of your style.

A pretty lingerie kimono can be very seductive and hides small flaws well.

how to choose your lingerie after 50 years panties and black bra bed

Opt for a babydoll in a noble material

red babydoll choose sexy lingerie woman 50 years

pink blue and black panties

If you wear close-fitting clothes, choose the most suitable bra model

outfit total look jeans woman 60 years

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