How to wear sneakers after 50 – the trick to rejuvenate

How to wear sneakers after 50 - the trick to rejuvenate

A large part of women tend to get rid of their sneakers once they reach their fifties. But is it just a simple prejudice? For fear of a certain stereotyped indecency, we deprive ourselves of a detail that can have a rejuvenating effect. In this article, we will show you how to enjoy and wear sneakers after 50, so as to turn them into a real fashion asset.

Why wear sneakers after 50?

After 60 years, we’ve already had enough of the dictates of fashion! We focus on comfort above all! There is no doubt that shoes with heels lengthen the leg and refine the foot. However, they are increasingly struggling to provide us with the necessary comfort. On a daily basis, we prefer a pair of pumps and sneakers. Very comfortable to wear, they come in a multitude of colors and original designs. From white Converse that can be paired with almost any outfit, to colorful Adidas that add a little pep to our ensembles, there’s a sneaker for any occasion. Comfort and ease of movement aside, wearing this type of shoe is sure to make you feel younger. And don’t be swayed by those who think the sneakers are too young. With the right clothing association, the sneaker has no equal to dress your feet.

A short guide to wearing sneakers well after 50, 60

What sneakers at 60?

As long as we must favor comfort, it is better to avoid wedge sneakers. The high cut provides better foot support, which results in optimized comfort. Designer shoes are generally quite comfortable to wear and also have a design side compatible with your looks of the day. If you bet on a more refined appearance, opt for a pair of black or white sneakers that are timeless. Bright colors, colorful models and daring prints are appropriate when you adopt the casual chic style and want to create a difference in the shoe.

Cristina Cordula in a suit and sneakers with an original print

wearing sneakers at 60 cristina cordula with leopard print sneakers and chic woman trouser suit

But how to combine a pair of sneakers with your outfit, so as to avoid style mistakes and offbeat looks. Below, we will give you some examples.

Suit and white sneakers

When your work environment is not very demanding in terms of dress code, you can easily dare sneakers. To give them a refined side, however, choose them in white. Pair it with a neutral-coloured trouser suit. Light colors tend to brighten the face, making you look younger. To break the monotony and catch the eye, bet on a colorful shirt or sweater or original accessories.

Chic outfit with white sneakers

how to wear white sneakers at 50 cristina cordula chic women's outfit white shirt and pants

Set of suits and sneakers that stand out

modern chic 50-year-old woman look off-white trouser suit red shirt and white sneakers

Casual chic outfit with sneakers

Of course, the casual style is most specific to sneakers. Nevertheless, you have to avoid falling into the trap of an overly casual streetwear style that wouldn’t necessarily suit a 50 or 60-year-old woman. So, if you’re going for a denim outfit with sneakers, don’t forget to slip in some stylish accents. A blazer, a shirt or finally accessories and jewelry. Take good care of your feminine image!

A chic casual outfit with sneakers and stylish accents

striped shirt and pants brown and beige sneakers tene woman modern 60s

Chic set with trendy sneakers

modern 60 year old woman look with roe jean coat and white sneakers

A dress with sneakers

Yes finally, it is quite possible to adopt a look with skirt or dress and sneakers. Since this combination is very modern and popular among young people, it will instantly lose a few years. If you want to go for a walk in a dress, but you don’t like to look too dressy, sneakers are the perfect trick to relax your look. Match their color to the dress or opt for a contrasting color to draw attention to the shoes.

Dress and sneakers set to combine comfort and femininity

white dress and sneakers outfit idea chic woman in white modern woman 60 years old

Yellow dress and green sneakers to create contrast

blue sneakers with a yellow dress and trendy black handbag stylish woman outfit 60 years

Chic casual outfit with white sneakers

how to dress at 60 chic casual outfit in white sneakers jeans and blouse

wear sneakers to 60 with jeans and black blazer white sneakers woman scarf

white sneakers jeans shirt and vest traditional 60 year old woman outfit

what a casual chic outfit for a 60 year old woman jeans white sneakers and a logo t shirt

adidas sneakers how to wear trendy sneakers pants shirt

chic women's outfit at 50 years old blue jeans modern shirt women's trendy sneakers



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