How to wear an oversized shirt after 60? Zero lack of taste with stylists’ tips for this spring 2023!

How to wear an oversized shirt after 60?  Zero lack of taste with stylists' tips for this spring 2023!

Truth be told, there’s nothing more classic than a shirt. But, the oversized shirt is the ultra trendy piece that you must adopt without even thinking in 2023. It is particularly versatile and can be worn at any age. How to wear an oversized shirt this spring for a young and modern look? Our style experts have unearthed the best possible combination ideas for you. Not to mention the ultimate guide to style rules. Let’s go !

“No one is young after 40, but you can be irresistible at any age” – Coco Chanel

Why wear oversize?

Fashion increases the volume to give even more style. Why wear baggy clothes? Because it’s fashionable and it’s comfortable. And it’s a great way to hide some curves. The idea is to be able to combine comfort and style. But not that, it’s true that shirts are a pretty chic and elegant piece that you want to wear outside of formal use. In addition, it must be admitted that the volume brings an additional style. The flagship piece for spring – summer 2023 is the oversized shirt. Without further ado, here are our tips to help you feel modern and young.

A very large shirt is as comfortable as it is chic

sophie marceau oversized white shirt

To start, we’re going to zoom in on some basic style rules and ideas for wearing the oversized shirt brilliantly and with zero lack of taste. Whatever your personal style, the very loose shirt is so universal that you will adopt it easily. To easily handle the oversize, you have to play on the proportions. No more than one large piece per outfit in order to maintain a certain elegance. If you add heels to your outfit consisting of a wide shirt, you can be seductive and irresistible. A necklace or XXL buckles can make the difference and modernize the look. The essential to have in the wardrobe is the white shirt, wide of course. But you can also opt for colorful, striped or patterned pieces for a trendy and modern look. As for the material, opt for cotton or satin for the sophisticated side.

You can steal it from your husband’s closet

why wear oversize blonde girl shirt blue stripes.jpg

What pants to wear with an oversized shirt?

If you are new to wide shirts, as a precaution, it is best to combine them with jeans or pants. In this case, you can wear your shirt over slim or straight jeans or cigarette pants. This visual difference in volume upsets the proportions and gives the modern and dynamic side. If you’re a fan of the causal-chic style, you have to button your shirt up, but roll up the sleeves and don’t forget to wear a pair of elegant shoes, all options are acceptable. And to be super trendy this spring, we recommend the monochrome look with a white shirt and white jeans. All complemented by a pair of moccasins and a tweed blazer. We guarantee you a stunning look.

Bright colors are very fashionable in 2023

green lare shirt straight jeans women fashion sunglasses 60 and over

Our advice is to resist the temptation to tuck in just one side of your oversized blouse if you’re not comfortable with more intricate looks. If the model allows you, what could be better than tucking your entire shirt into your high-waisted jeans. Add a leather belt with a big buckle to complete the outfit.

Stylists suggest taking a shirt two sizes larger

what pants to wear with an oversized shirt

You can wear a loose shirt under a short sweater to let the wide side at the bottom appear and give the outfit some pep. Otherwise, it goes perfectly with a sleeveless V-neck sweater for a polished look. It goes without saying that the sweater must also be a little wide to keep the harmony. Our advice is to pair faux leather pants, ultra trendy this spring 2023, with an oversized white shirt. Finish the look by adding a soft gray sleeveless sweater with a V-neck. Choose pieces with good cuts and quality materials.

The wide shirt also goes great with shorts

oversized white shirt red and pink sleeveless sweater

What jacket with an oversized shirt?

Did you know that the oversized shirt takes on the role of a jacket, especially the denim one? If that’s the effect you’re looking for, then get it in a slightly stiffer material. A wide khaki shirt serves as a light and long jacket that hides imperfections. Thus, it gives an interesting layered look. But let’s get to the heart of the matter, you can add a touch of elegance to your outfit by wearing a loose shirt with a blazer. Otherwise, the leather jacket is very suitable to accompany the wide shirt and to give you a rock style. Likewise, the denim jacket is perfect for a more casual look. And why not pair your tweed jacket with an oversized shirt to completely shift your outfit?

French chic with a wide blue shirt

brown blazer jacket with a very large blue shirt

This look is suitable for various occasions

how to wear an oversized shirt with carrie bradshow style

You can tie it elegantly with a skirt

wide yellow shirt outfit idea tied with magenta bag skirt

Jennifer Lopez dares the oversized shirt in a short version

jenifer lopez in white oversized shirt

The stylish oversized shirt with a lot of class

wide striped shirt with red belt and skirt for women over 60

wear an oversized white shirt zero bad taste brown pants

linen shirt and pants woman 60 years fashion handbag

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