5 ultra chic outfits by Brigitte Macron that show us how to wear women’s trouser suits at 70

5 ultra chic outfits by Brigitte Macron that show us how to wear women's trouser suits at 70

There are plenty of variations to display an elegant look after 60 years. But, if you are looking for a simple and time-saving alternative, opting for a stylish set is certainly the key option. Running out of ideas how to wear a women’s trouser suit at 70? Here are some examples of inspiring outfits from Brigitte Macron.

Cap on the best ideas how to wear a women’s trouser suit at 70

Total black look

If properly matched, black clothes tend to flatter the figure while hiding imperfections. It’s the most classic, timeless and versatile color to wear at 40 as well as at 70+. And if we would opt for a total black look? In this case, we carefully choose the texture, the cut and the material of the different pieces in order to obtain a harmonious and stylish rendering.

Brigitte Macron’s next outfit is a perfect example of that. Here, we see a set consisting of slim pants and a fitted blazer with a v-neck shirt. The heels only enhance the outfit.

Style and elegance in a total black look with heeled shoes

total black woman look 70 years chic and elegant outfit ideas

White and black outfit

Do you want to escape the monochromatic look while remaining within the framework of an ultra classy outfit? So, the white and black combo is a variant to absolutely consider. This is indeed the most popular duo in the fashion world. There are plenty of ways to succumb to this contrasting combination including using a printed piece (eg houndstooth pattern, stripes, etc.).

So, as we are focused today on women’s suits, this set worn by Brigitte Macron is our thematic inspiration note. In this outfit, it’s the white blazer with black tuxedo-style collar for women that plays the star accent in the outfit. It impresses us with its elegance, its design that is both sleek but very modern and with striking contrast.

The white and black duo is a perfect variant to display a stylish look

Women's suit elegant white blazer black collar pants heeled shoes

Beige set

In addition to black and white, beige is another neutral and very versatile color. It is also an excellent option for transitional seasons such as spring and autumn. Normally, the color blends easily with basic tones like white or black. In addition, it goes perfectly with bright shades such as pink for example for a more captivating and original result.

Need some inspiration on how to adopt beige in your wardrobe? Let’s take a look at the following photo. This beige ensemble is a great idea to flaunt some hot vision in no time. The long blazer visually elongates the silhouette and gives an ultra refined look with these buttoned accents in black. The beige color also flatters tanned faces, which makes it a very suitable choice in this case. For a harmonious rendering, the shoes with heels are selected in the same shade as the whole. The white shirt is the ideal complement for the stylish suit.

Here’s how to wear beige in a rejuvenating and fresh way even at 60+

beige set blazer long slim pants white shirt woman 70s outfit

Casual chic style with sneakers

Sneakers have made a real revolution in fashion. Today, they are no longer reserved for sporty style. On the contrary, we see them integrating naturally even into the most chic and refined outfits to add a note of comfort. In a previous article, you have already been told in detail how to wear sneakers after 50. And now, we won’t be long in showing you an example of a casual chic outfit repaired directly from Brigitte Macron’s dressing room.

The classy suit is chosen as usual in a classic tone, especially navy blue. The white sneakers match with the blouse of the same color to contrast elegantly with the dark set. The long scarf also brings a note that is both chic and relaxed to the stylish outfit.

It is possible to compose a classy outfit even with sneakers

how to dress chic 70 years casual outfits with sneakers

Outfit in neutral tones with colorful accessories

Neutral tones are undoubtedly the best ally of every woman who wants to display a stylish look, regardless of age. Nevertheless, it is possible to break the monotony a bit in a classic outfit simply with the help of a few colorful accessories.

As seen in the photo below, Brigitte Macron applies exactly such a winning approach in her flawless look. The dark gray suit is a safe bet of style and timeless elegance. As a result, the choice of gloves and scarf in a pastel pink hue is a wonderful idea to add pep to your feminine outfit while remaining part of a refined outfit.

Add pep to her elegant outfit with colorful accessories

gray suit white shirt black leather heeled boots

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