How to dress simple, but with class after 50 years?

How to dress simple, but with class after 50 years?

To dress simple, but with class after 50, you have to bet on quality. Of course, after this age, it is very important to continue to be interested in fashion. But still shouldn’t we review a little the rules of choice of clothes by favoring more elegant outfits? No matter the size of your wardrobe, clothing sets should be well combined with each other. So, with a limited number of clothes, it will be possible to create different looks.

Add something of your choice to show your individuality

Here are some examples of elegant and chic looks for women over 50. They can be used as a basis to compose your own sets:

Trendy print shirt dress

Buttoned style from top to bottom with a belt to emphasize the waist. The sleeves are puffy, three-quarter length. The side seams have small slits.

The dress is paired with black open-toed slippers and a black bag

how to choose the right dress for a 50 year old woman

Big print dress

Dress in lightweight fabric with a large print. Model with a loose silhouette, which can be worn alone or with a wide belt. The sleeves are free, straight, completed by a triangular neckline. The length of the dress is mid-knee.

Beige and brown shoes and bag matching the belt

what fashion for 50 year old woman dress big prints

Red dress

A dress in bright red is a great choice for summer. The model has buttons up and down. Model cinched at the waist with an openwork skirt. The dress is punctuated by a thin red belt. Since she is simply bright, you need to choose neutral accessories – a beige bag and shoes.

The bag can be adorned with a colorful scarf

how to dress casual chic woman red dress

Gray dress

Gray dress with a trapezoidal silhouette. It looks original due to the ruffles arranged asymmetrically.

The dress is paired with leopard print ballet flats and a beige bag

dress chic and elegant dark gray dress

Light beige dress

Light beige dress with a trapezoidal silhouette. Model with buttons up and down. An elegant collar completes the dress.

The dress is paired with snake print flip flops and a white bag

dress casual chic woman beige dress with buttons beige dress

Flared black skirt

Lightweight skirt with a textured polka dot print. Lined model, skirt length – below the knee. The t-shirt is tucked into the belt of the skirt, the waist is further emphasized by a leather belt. The look is paired with pointed toe ballet flats that match the color of the belt and a leopard print clutch.

The skirt is paired with a white t-shirt with a light gray print

dress casual chic woman skirt ala belt

beige skirt

A neatly silhouetted light beige skirt with two deep pleats on the front. It is paired with a light cream shirt in a classic fit.

Complements – a white bag and shoes with a low contrast print

dress chic after 50 years woman beige skirt light pink shirt

Snake print skirt

Long straight skirt with snake print slit. Ankle length model with a slit on the front. A white t-shirt and a short dark blue textile jacket with large pockets are chosen for the skirt.

The look is completed with white sneakers and a large black bag

dress casual chic woman skirt ala slit

Checked pants

Plaid ankle pants are a great choice for summer. Model in beige and brown.

Ithey are paired with a white shirt, white sneakers and a dark brown belt

how to dress simple but classy after 50

cropped jeans

A dramatic look with hip cut jeans, 3/4 length. The lower edge of the legs is torn. The jeans are paired with a dark camouflage t-shirt. Beige pointed shoes, a light coat of a similar color and a black embossed bag are chosen for this look.

The image is complemented by spectacular jewelry

dress with bluejean class

Shorts for 50+

If the figure allows it, it is quite possible to wear shorts. Of course, you can choose models that are too short, if they suit you. Otherwise, it will look off. But the straight-to-the-knee model is ideal for more mature women. The model must be of medium or large size. In the example, light beige shorts with pockets are selected. The top of the set is a classic white shirt.

The shirt is tucked into a snake print belt that complements the pants

dress casual chic woman 2ladies in shorts

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