Hairstyle for short gray hair: 2023 anti-aging solutions for women after 50

Hairstyle for short gray hair: 2023 anti-aging solutions for women after 50

Today, gray hair is no longer considered a defect that we seek to camouflage immediately. On the contrary, this color has recently turned into a real hit among hair trends. This is, moreover, valid for women of all ages. As a result, the coloring and the trendy cut go hand in hand with a modern stylization. And the editorial staff will soon provide you with the necessary inspiration! In our article of the day, we present to you a selection of the best hairstyle ideas for short gray hair to sting in 2023. At your disposal: the hottest rejuvenating options for women 50+ years old.

What short gray hair hairstyle to choose to rejuvenate your look?

There are many hair options to style your hair in a rejuvenating way. In general, the choice depends mainly on the time available and the starting cut. To give you a clearer idea of ​​your key options, below, we’ll take a closer look at some very simple do-it-yourself hairstyle variations. The suggestions are tailored to popular short haircuts like the pixie and bob cut.

Focus on these few hair ideas that will allow you to easily rejuvenate your look

Hair swept back with volume

If your short cut is generous enough to allow you to play with its lengths, here is a quick and easy idea to change your look right away. It’s all about sweeping the hair from the forehead to the back while keeping some volume on top of the head.

For this styling, you will normally only need a comb and a setting product. Swept back hair is a perfect way to show off more of the forehead and face. Nude make-up and an elegant pair of curls will perfectly complement the anti-aging hair choice.

Note: This hairstyle can be done both dry and wet. In the first case, we rather stay within the framework of a mature and elegant vision. The wet slicked back hair variant is a fantastic option to look 10 years younger.

Hair swept back: wet or dry

short haircut gray and black coloring trend smooth hair

Curly plunging bob

The very short plunging bob bob for 50-year-old women is one of the trendiest cuts of the moment. We love it for its versatility, practicality and relatively simple maintenance. While usually the cut itself is enough to make you look younger, a little styling on our part won’t hurt. On this point, loops are for example an easy and winning solution. In combination with a defined parting on the side, we enjoy a look that is elegant, chic and very fresh at the same time.

The curls give a fresh and neat air to each cut

plunging square cut curls white gray hair

messy pixie

The Pixie cut for women over 50 is another popular alternative for mature women. With the contrast between short hair at the nape and longer at the top, this cut creates a feeling of freedom while offering plenty of styling options. When betting on a rejuvenating effect, wearing the Pixie in a messy way is a very popular option.

Square behind the ears with wavy wick

As a very versatile cut, the square actually comes in a multitude of versions. Such a very flattering option for women after 50 is the square behind the ears. It is extremely suitable for highlighting straight hair. A super simple way to enhance the cut is to slightly twist the front buckle to obtain a stylish but slightly relaxed wavy effect. Enough to add an effortless chic note to her feminine vision.

Curly mohawk hairstyle

The mohawk hairstyle continues to reign supreme among hair solutions for short hair. Generally associated with the rebellious and punk spirit, this is obviously one of the best alternatives to prove that age is just a number. In principle, this hairstyle is done on hair that is cut short on the sides. The rest of the hair on top is usually a generous length, allowing for experimentation with styling. In classic mode, the hair on the top is smooth and erect. However, to display a more modern and attractive look, we advise you to opt for a curly/wavy version of the hairstyle.

The star short hair hairstyle of recent years

hairstyle hair shaved on the sides volume on top mohawk

The combination of straight hair and bangs is perfect for rejuvenating her look



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