7 ideas for a sporty chic look for a 60-year-old woman for spring 2023! Style tips to look younger effortlessly!

what are the essential pieces for dressing casual chic

Dress codes have evolved to allow women to feel more comfortable without losing their elegance. Tight dresses and stiletto heels are no longer popular. Thus, the sport chic 60-year-old woman look is becoming more and more essential in the dressing room of all women. It’s a perfect compromise for a feminine and modern look that will rejuvenate you. Here are our tips for mastering this trend to perfection, as well as outfit ideas inspired by the biggest fashionable Instagrammers who are over 50.

Bet on accessories to refine your outfit

Let’s remember the main lines of style: the sport chic style is made up of dressed clothes with a sporty look for an urban, practical and comfortable look. It’s true that for many of you sporty outfits are not chic. But you will see that if you handle this style well, the result is fresh, modern and you will look younger. Because it is a dynamic look that goes off the beaten track. So the basic rules are to mix a sporty and comfortable piece with another more sophisticated piece of clothing. Sport chic is particularly suitable for women over 50.

Lively colors instantly brighten your face and make you look fresh

the casual chic style green sweater and jacket woman 50 years brown


Accompany your casual outfits with jewelry, bags, scarves and belts to bring the chic and sophisticated side. If you wear a blazer, take it in a bright color and add a brooch for a touch of elegance. And if your outfit is too dark, add some pep with a colored belt or handbag without overdoing it. Leopard print is always very trendy, provided you use it in moderation. If the morphology allows it, put a belt on your jackets, it’s very trendy in 2023. Finally, try to find original and unique clothes to stand out.

Colored dresses are on the rise this spring 2023

pink and orange dress car blonde woman fashion trend 2023

Mistakes to avoid

The first thing not to do is to hide behind your clothes. Accepting your new body shape after menopause is the first step to feeling confident. Avoid wearing loose or too tight clothes. In terms of colors, avoid wearing black close to the face, as this will accentuate your wrinkles. The trick is either to put a white shirt under your black sweater, or to add an XXL jewel to illuminate the face.

Always bet on simplicity to remain effortlessly elegant

mistakes to avoid after 50 years blazer jeans leopard shoes green handbag

What are the essential pieces to dress in causal chic?

Every piece you have in your dressing room should fit at least 3 different outfits. In addition, it is essential to have basic pieces that you can mix with trendy outfits in order to obtain a sporty chic look. Here is the full list:

  • Several jeans perfectly adapted to your morphology and preferably with a high waist.
  • A shirt and a denim jacket.
  • Black pants and white jeans.
  • A straight cut dress that’s easy to wear.
  • A white t-shirt and a white shirt.
  • A marinière and a cashmere sweater.
  • A trench coat.
  • A leather jacket.
  • A modern sweatshirt.
  • A pair of sneakers and a pair of moccasins.
  • A blazer and a tweed jacket.

The leather jacket is essential for a causal chic outfit

black long dress in leather jacket styke casual chic woman 50 years trend

What look to look younger?

Now you have the main ingredients to adopt the sporty chic 60-year-old woman look. Now, we’re going to give you some style ideas based on the outfit proposals of 50-something Instagramers.

#Look 1

The first look is composed of green cargo pants, super trendy in 2023. A neutral-colored cashmere sweater with a hood for the sporty side and a pair of loafers. The sunglasses and the bag add a touch of sophistication to this ordinary outfit.

The fabulous Beth Djalali who is an inspiration to women over 60

outfit idea with green cargo pants cashmere sweater woman fashion 60 years

#Look 2

We won’t stop repeating it, but white jeans are ultra trendy and are perfectly suited for women over 50. Pair it with a light sweatshirt and a pair of white trainers to create a very chic monochrome look. Without forgetting the belt and an elegant handbag to enhance the sporty style.

Susi Rejano is another 50-something Instagrammer who is classy

outfit idea white jeans woman 50 years white sneakers

#Look 3

Here is an outfit that you must all adopt. It consists of a well-fitting blazer in a neutral color and a white blouse. These are two basics that absolutely must be in your wardrobe. Put on your high waisted jeans, a pair of leopard print loafers and a handbag with a metal shoulder strap and you’re done. For the sport side, replace the moccasins with a pair of sneakers.

Here is Sandrine, the beautiful Frenchwoman with her impeccable style who runs a fashion blog

best ideas for a sporty chic look for 60-year-old women beige blazer leopard loafers

#Look 4

Dare colors in 2023 without moderation dear readers. A brightly colored top suited to your complexion will instantly rejuvenate you. For the bottom, take beige pants and a pair of platform sneakers. Do not forget the handbag and discreet jewelry to complete your set.

Petra Dieners, the bubbly German who loves colors

ideal wardrobe woman 50 years old pink sweater beige pants red handbag

#Look 5

Who says spring, says a bohemian style dress with bold patterns. Choose a dress adapted to your morphology, accompany it with a pair of sneakers, a handbag and a nice pair of sunglasses.

Here is our crush, Carmen Gimeno, she dresses super modern and assumes her gray hair

what look to look younger bohemian dress black sneakers fashion woman 60 years

#Look 6

The denim jacket modernizes the look effortlessly. To enhance the appearance, you can add a brooch or a scarf. You can accompany it with a little straight dress and sneakers.

Here is an outfit idea that is stylish but gives energy to the figure

how to dress sport chic after 60 denim jacket green dress red sandals

#Look 7

And here is our latest spring look idea, trendy and modern for 60 year old woman. It consists of a tweed jacket, a white blouse, jeans and a pair of sneakers. The tweed jacket worn in offbeat fashion is super in vogue this year.

green blazer white shirt sport chic style woman 50 years

Ideal wardrobe for 50-year-old women = a timeless look

And if we have to approach a more ethical way of consuming fashion, the idea is to create a capsule wardrobe that you master to perfection. She includes timeless basics from all seasons like white sneakers and a few pairs of jeans. Otherwise, you must have basics for all seasons: coats, leather or denim jackets. The secret is to keep it simple, because sometimes more complicated outfits, especially if you don’t master them, can age you. Color is another way to express yourself, but it needs to match your skin tone for a youthful and vibrant appearance.

outfit idea woman 60 years colors ornage sunglasses

Luisa Dunn is gorgeous and knows how to show off

jeans white jacket red scarf woman 60 years trend

Tanja Jager is an Instagrammer who seduced us with her chic and elegant style

beige pants yellow blouse brunette woman fashion trend 6 0 years

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