Casual style look for 50-year-old women with a blazer: Ideas for stylish and timeless looks!

Casual style is no longer about baggy clothes and boring accessories in neutral colors. Find out how to maintain your personality and highlight your physical assets with the casual style look for women over 50 with a blazer.

Stylish appearance to steal from Inès de la Fressange

how to wear a blazer with jeans at 50

Casual look for a 50 year old woman with a blazer

Before you start, know that casual outfits for women over 50 need a bit of planning. It is very easy to learn how to combine different colors as well as how you match your figure with different models of clothing. To make it easier for you, our editorial team has compiled a fabulous collection of looks for women over 50 to create an effortless casual style.

Keep in mind that a blazer is a non-negotiable essential, and you can never have too many of them. Wear a belted black blazer with a denim skirt to add a touch of chic to your casual style.

A looser blazer also pairs with classic outfits such as a white T-shirt and jeans.

The blazer is an essential element that can be associated with any outfit

casual style look for 50 year old woman with a blazer

Style with blazer for 50 year old woman

What do straight leg jeans, a blazer and a white shirt have in common? It’s the holy trinity of wardrobe essentials. Indeed, the basics are our best friends. It’s easy to develop your own style by building on the basics, then adding accessories and seasonal trends to bring out your personality.

Acting as the perfect canvas for experimenting with trends, these basics can take you from casual to chic like this. And the best part is that they don’t have to be expensive.

Here’s how to add a chic touch to the casual style

casual chic outfit in black and white and pumps

#Blazer and jeans

Straight-leg jeans paired with the right shoes—classic pumps or boots—can elevate your business-casual look. Don’t forget to add a blazer for a more stylish touch.

Opt for a black blazer, combined with classic jeans and a pair of heeled sandals

how to achieve the casual chic style

Consider teaming a blazer with blue jeans for the perfect look at work. Play the casual card for the shoes and finish this outfit with a pair of leather ankle boots.

On days when comfort is key, opt for a blazer with navy blue jeans. Complete the outfit with gray snake print leather ballet flats. You can also opt for a blazer and blue ripped skinny jeans for an ideal weekend outfit.

Do not hesitate to bet on a bright color

what color for a blazer for a chic outfit

#Blazer and pants

Pairing a blazer with white chinos is a smart idea for an off-duty look.

Opt for a black blazer and skinny pants for a comfortable and relaxed style. When it comes to shoes, this look pairs really well with orange suede pumps.

Combine style and comfort with the blazer and trainer combo

black skinny pants and black blazer with white sneakers and top

Consider pairing a blazer with black leather skinny pants for a casual yet stylish look. Complete this ensemble with black suede pumps and voila, this look is perfect. Or, opt for a blazer and wide black pants. Play the casual card for shoes and put on a comfortable pair of tennis shoes.

Matching blazer and pants highlighted by white low top sneakers

gray pants and blazer matching white top and sneakers

#Blazer and jumpsuit

Consider opting for a blazer and a navy blue jumpsuit for a smart casual outfit. You can get a little creative with shoes and elevate your ensemble with navy canvas heeled sandals or throw on a pair of trainers for extra comfort.

#Blazer and white blouse

Nothing more classic than a white blouse. Try an outfit consisting of a pair of dark blue jeans, a white blouse and a black blazer. Add a pair of white sneakers to complete the casual chic look.

Here’s How To Wear a White Blouse With a Blazer

how to wear blazer with blue jeans

Casual chic outfit ideas

casual and chic outfits for 50 year old women

The blazer is the absolute must-have of the female wardrobe

ines de la fressange in a casual black blazer

Here’s how to wear a suit with sneakers

how to wear white sneakers with a suit

Timeless style highlighted by the beige blazer

wide leg pants in off white beige blazer

Outfit in gray and white ideal for a walk in town

casual outfit in beige and white suit and sneakers

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