With or without bangs for women over 50? The dilemma is solved!

With or without bangs for women over 50?  The dilemma is solved!

Lately, there has been a strong interest in hair tips that can rejuvenate your look. Thus, by scrutinizing the most modern ideas on the subject, one inevitably comes across the question: With or without bangs for women over 50? The bangs being one of the simplest and most versatile options to change your look, there is nothing surprising that it has become a key solution of the moment. But, is it suitable for a mature woman? Let’s discover together the answer and some inspiring examples to enjoy an immediate anti-aging effect!

With or without bangs for women over 50?

Do bangs look younger or age?

In fact, the answer depends mainly on the type of bangs chosen. In general, bangs tend to make the face and forehead look smaller. It thus gives us a fresh look of 10 years younger! However, for such an anti-aging effect, it is important to pay attention to its shape and length.

  • Above all, the bangs should not be too short. In most cases, the ideal length is one that covers the forehead.
  • And then, its shape largely determines the final rendering. That’s why, we choose it carefully so that it highlights the features of the face.

Need ideas which bangs to choose at 50? We give you some inspiring examples a little further down in the article.

Generally, bangs tend to rejuvenate the look

square cut with bangs 50 years blonde hair color

With or without bangs for women over 50?

For us, the answer is definitely yes! It is no coincidence that the cut with bangs is one of the most popular haircuts for women after 50 years.

The advantages of a fringe after 50 years

  • The fringe is an excellent trick to brighten up and rejuvenate your look quickly.
  • It brings out the eyes, softens the facial features and highlights the cheekbones.
  • At the same time, the bangs conceal wrinkles by covering the signs of aging on the forehead.
  • In addition, it can be worn in different ways, which also allows you to display a more elegant look, when you want it.

Anyway, the most important thing here is to find the type of bangs that blends perfectly with our morphology and that fits most naturally into our lifestyle. Now let’s look at some clues on this point.

It is a perfect hair option for women over 50

coloring dark roots colored locks long bangs cut

What fringe at 50?

The bangs can be soft, chic, modern, sensual. In addition, each type generally has its advantages. Let’s take a look at the most suitable variants for a cut with rejuvenating bangs.

Here are the best types of bangs to consider after 50

short haircut with bangs woman 50 years rejuvenating effect

The curtain fringe

A fantastic suggestion especially if one is looking for cool ideas to slim down the face after 50. The curtain fringe is also distinguished by an impressive versatility that allows us to play with its length to find the version that suits us best. In principle, the curtain fringe which frames the face and which descends slightly towards the cheekbones offers a rich variety of stylizations (smoothed, curly, wavy, etc.).

hairstyle hair ties cut with curtain bangs drooping locks

Fringe at eyebrow level

Your face is square-shaped? In this case, very short cuts can age the head more, as they bring out facial features and imperfections. On the other hand, a fringe chosen correctly can do the opposite! A fringe cut at the level of the eyebrows, for example, is ideal for camouflaging the forehead lines and softening the face.

what bangs are 50 years old hairstyle long hair blonde coloring

The long fringe framing the face

To bring out the beauty of a smaller, slimmer face, cropped or mid-length haircuts are definitely a winning approach. To them is added the fringe to add a rejuvenating note all of a sudden! On this point, a bob cut for women of 50 years combined with long bangs that frame the face is one of the best options of the moment. This hair combination immediately softens the head while creating a fresh and youthful impression.

what square after 50 years coloring natural sweeping hairstyle

Fringe on the side

It is an excellent option for softening facial features. The side bangs will immediately catch the eye and focus attention on the eyes. Its plus point is that it will create the impression of a neat hairstyle even without much effort on your part.

bangs or not bangs medium haircut with bangs woman 50 years

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