What curly haircut for 50 year old woman 2023 for a chic and rejuvenated look?

What curly haircut for 50 year old woman 2023 for a chic and rejuvenated look?

Do you have curly hair and are you currently looking for inspiration to show it off with a new trendy cut? Indeed, there are plenty of modern solutions, whether you like to wear your hair long or rather short. And this is also valid, regardless of your age or your morphology. To prove it to you, the editorial staff has selected the best advice and examples of a curly haircut for women over 50 in 2023. Focus on the star variants to adopt now.

Which curly haircut for 50 year old woman 2023 to choose for a modern and anti-aging look?

Which curly haircut for 50 year old woman 2023 to choose?

In order to make the choice easier for you, we share with you some of the most popular variants among modern women over 50. A little further down in the article, you will also find useful tips for finding the ideal haircut for you, taking into account a few important criteria.

Update on the top 5 most popular hair solutions today

short curly haircuts for women over 60 with short bangs

#Grey hair at the shoulders

The shoulder-length cut is an excellent alternative for highlighting any face shape. It is a classic variant but which remains very current thanks to its naturalness and its very easy stylization. So, wearing shoulder length hair is a fantastic approach for ladies with gray manes. To add a modern note to your look, long bangs are the ideal hair complement.

Shoulder length hair is a classic and timeless option

coloring white hair curly cut length shoulders woman 50 years

#Dimensional Pixie

Are you a modern woman who is always on the move? In that case, you may need a more practical haircut… The pixie for women of 50 years old is a very popular option, regardless of the version chosen. As a result, a slightly shorter Pixie on the sides or on the back with a long top is the flagship option of the moment. The short bangs will only enhance your look for a very chic and dimensional look.

The Pixie is the favorite variant of modern women who want to be noticed

short haircut naturally curly pixie volume on top

#The Pixie Bob cut

Undoubtedly, the Pixie is a favorite among 50-year-old women. But, so is the bob cut. So why not combine the two star trends to achieve a spectacular result? The Pixie bob cut was born like this to give us the best of both worlds. As you can see in the photo below, this cut sits just above chin level. It is short but at the same time offers plenty of styling options. Made on curly hair, it highlights the texture for an ultra chic and nice look.

A mix of Pixie and bob cuts for a rejuvenating and ultra chic result

curly haircut woman short hairstyle curly hair

#Shag cut for women over 60

The shag cut is a hair star that has moved to the top of the ranking of haircuts with bangs for women over 60. It is a perfect solution for ladies who appreciate voluminous cuts. The shaggy impresses us with its interplay of layers and lengths with its locks that gently frame the face. Added to this is a short fringe that puts the finishing touch in the chic effortless hairstyle. The result is a fresh, attractive and rejuvenated vision.

trendy shag haircut curly hair woman 60 years old layered cut

#Square with fringe

We have already specified that the square is a must among the top cuts for women after 50 years. This timeless trend is currently presented in a thousand and one versions to best adapt to each style and each morphology. If you are looking for an inspiring idea to adopt without delay, the short bob with bangs is a cool option for a trendy cut. And if you decide to experiment more with modern coloring, even better!

square cut naturally curly hair what bangs for voluminous hair

It’s good to follow the latest trends to flaunt a hot look. Nevertheless, it is also important to choose your cut according to your morphology. To make the best possible choice, we therefore recommend that you take these few essential points into account and consult with your hairdresser.

coloring long hair curly woman curly haircut

face shape

This is a key factor in choosing a suitable haircut.

  • For example, longer cuts are recommended to soften the features of square-shaped faces.
  • Round faces, on the other hand, can be easily enhanced using a layered cut that plays with volume and texture especially in the facial area.

Easy styling

Generally, naturally curly hair is quite difficult to tame. That’s why, if you have a very active lifestyle, we advise you to opt for a cut that is easier to maintain. In this order of ideas, a short or mid-length cut will be a more practical option than a long cut.

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