Bob bob short woman 50 years old: to dare or not to dare the hair trend of 2023?

Bob bob short woman 50 years old: to dare or not to dare the hair trend of 2023?

Hair trends are constantly changing. So, if you want to display a fashionable look, it is important to regularly learn about the news. But, does a trendy cut necessarily rhyme with a flattering and successful cut? In our opinion, not always. So, for example, lately, we often hear about the bob bob short woman 50 years. It really is a very captivating hair solution that can also have a rejuvenating effect for mature women. Nevertheless, in order to better judge if the cut in question is made for us, we give you all the necessary information.

Everything you need to know about the short bob square for women over 50

Ball cut: a short story

The ball cut was a very popular cut with men in the 15th century. Initially, it is appreciated for its practicality and its simple way of realization. Indeed, in some cultures, haircuts were widespread among people who could not afford to visit a barber.

Later, during the 1960s, this hair technique came back into fashion and established itself as a star among celebrities. At the beginning of the 21st century, many female stars also succumbed to it. Over the years, the ball cut has been constantly improved and brought up to date.

A classic cut that first appeared in the 15th century

which square to rejuvenate idea very short square cut trend

The square ball: what is it in fact?

The bob cut, in general, is characterized by a very short cut with bangs. The hair is cut in a sphere shape all around the head. It is distinguished by more volume on the top of the head and less hair on the sides.

This technique can be applied in a wide range of different cuts. Among the most popular of its versions, we find above all the Pixie ball and our star of the day – the square ball. This is most often achieved with short bangs (asymmetrical or straight) that blend into the rest of the hair to evenly frame the face.

A hair technique that cuts the hair in the shape of a sphere all around the head

is what the square ages trendy haircut short bangs

The modern bob cut

For older people, the term “bowl cut” may conjure up childhood memories of the classic hairstyle. Nevertheless, nowadays we talk about a much more delicate, modernized and elegant version. For the realization of the modern ball square cut, we remove a little of the weight of the hair by notching the contours of the “bowl”. Very often, we also leave longer locks to frame the face and add a little movement.

A classic cut that is currently being modernized

haircut 2023 woman 50 years with bangs earrings

This trendy 2023 cut: for whom?

Normally, the bowl cut can be adopted by people of all ages. However, features such as face shape or hair structure largely influence the final choice.

From the morphological point of view, the square ball cut is best suited to fine and straight hair. It is also an option for wavy/curly hair, but in this case, it is important to consult with your hairdresser to find the most flattering version according to your hair type.

As for the shape of the face, there are also some peculiarities to take into account.

  • The square ball is a possible option for oval / round faces. Generally, it sublimates the features of the face and ensures a harmonious rendering.
  • If you have an angular/square face, this cut might not be the best option because it might accentuate the facial features too much.

A suitable solution to get noticed and display a rejuvenated look

haircut with bangs straight hair square ball short woman 50 years

Bob bob short woman 50 years old – yes or no?

Obviously, the short bob bob is a bold cut. It is very popular with young women but can of course be adopted by a mature woman. You are over 50 years old, yet you have a young spirit and you like to be noticed? In this case, it is certainly worth taking the plunge.

It’s a viable hair option even after 50 – for daring women

square cut ball neck short shaved hair length above the head

On the other hand, if you are not eccentric and you prefer more classic and less surprising cuts, we advise you to scrutinize the other trendy cuts to find the best alternative for you. On this point, moreover, the very short plunge bob is a more subtle and versatile option to consider.

Find the version of the trendy cut that flatters the face the most by taking into account its particularities

carrе ball fine hair celebrity hairstyle bangs streaks on black hair

Opt for a plunging version of the short ball square cut to display a look right in the trends

square cut ball degradе bangs highlights around the face

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