5 degraded short haircut ideas for 60-year-old women with an immediate rejuvenating effect! Gain volume naturally!

5 degraded short haircut ideas for 60-year-old women with an immediate rejuvenating effect!  Gain volume naturally!

Regardless of age, the haircut should not be neglected. It is true that after 60 years, the hair tends to become less thick and more fragile. The solution dear ladies is a short haircut to give volume and dynamism to make you feel younger. On the other hand, no need to stay on a classic short haircut. What we are looking for in a modern hairstyle is ardor. That’s why today, we’re going to review 5 degraded short haircut ideas for 60-year-old women. Hair ideas and tips to look fresh and modern in 2023.

Gray hair is very fashionable in 2023

What is the new ultra trendy cut of 2023?

In 2023, the trend cut according to hairdressing specialists is the bullet bob. It is a mid-length cut between the mule and the shag that seduces us with its volume, its layer and its tapered bangs. All the ingredients that are needed for a dynamic hairstyle. In the past, gray hair was synonymous with aging. In 2023, silver gray has a crazy charm and it has become super popular. There are even women who dye their hair gray or silver gray.

Slicked back hair is trending this year

emma thompson short hairstyle back woman 60 years

What cut to rejuvenate a face?

For starters, adopting a new haircut works every time. Just changing your face will save you a few years. Remember to choose a hairstyle that looks like you and reflects your personality. To modernize your hair look, just degrade the hair a little according to your facial morphology and according to the nature of your hair. However, avoid graphic cuts that can harden the features and accentuate wrinkles. On the other hand, long hair can flatten the silhouette. Here is our selection of short degraded haircuts with a rejuvenating effect.

A short, dynamic cut gives you a few years less right away

what cut to rejuvenate the face ines de la fressange

Ideas for degraded short haircuts for women after 60


The pixie cut is the star of short hairstyles. It is characterized by its rounded shape and its refined gradient. Namely that all face shapes are suitable for this hairstyle. Because it is available in infinity and you can perfectly adapt it to your desires. The fringe can be worn in front or asymmetrical. The result in both cases will be breathtaking. In addition, it is very easy to style and will bring dynamism to your whole look.

#shag gradient

The Shag cut plays on the dimensions. Its singularity are locks of different lengths that frame the face. The curtain fringe that accompanies it allows you to energize this hairstyle even more. The short, layered shag has a well-controlled tousled effect. However, it is not recommended for women with fine hair. And to play with the volume, what better than to make pretty waves.

#Short square

The short square does not cease to seduce, and this, in particular thanks to the volume it brings. With a cut that gives movement, you will quickly be in trend and you will look younger. The wick is worn on the side to add dynamism. You don’t need a flawless blow-dry to go out. However, make inward or outward waves for a more formal occasion.

The short bob with light locks is great for looking younger

highlights on short hair square woman 50 years


Finally, dear readers, the fringe is a great option to hide some wrinkles. Specialists advise opting for curtain or slightly tapered bangs to rejuvenate the look.


When you adopt a short cut, you can very well add a few locks of a lighter shade to illuminate your hair. In addition, the short cut is perfect for women who have decided to keep their beautiful natural gray. Because on a cut that is too classic, the memorizing effect is guaranteed.



The short Shag cut to give volume

short degrade shlag hairstyle for older women blonde hair

A short asymmetrical cut suitable for women with glasses

short degraded haircut for women over 60 glasses gray short hair

The short cut is perfect for fine hair

very trendy white hair in 2023

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