2023 fashion trends for women over 50 to absolutely adopt!

2023 fashion trends for women over 50 to absolutely adopt!

Regardless of our age or even if we incorporate one or another of the trends into our wardrobe, it is important to stay on top of the trends. It’s what keeps us modern, fresh and relevant. Discover the 2023 fashion trends for women over 50 without delay in the following lines.

Here are the 2023 fashion trends for women over 50 to adopt this year

2023 fashion trends for women over 50

What’s seen on the catwalks may be overkill for the average woman, but we’ve got a sneak peek at what’s going to end up in the everyday clothes our favorite brands and retailers will have in stock.

There are a lot of 80s and 90s oriented silhouettes

spring fashion 2023 woman turns 50

New fashion trends 2023 for women over 50

There are plenty of familiar looks from past seasons and plenty of silhouettes leaning towards the 80s and 90s. Top picks for women over 50 include cargo pants and pockets, oversized shirts, suits, fabrics in polka dots, long dresses, asymmetrical skirts, fringes and oversized flowers.

Here are the top picks for women over 50

what blouse to wear when you are 50

#Oversized outfits

This trend has been known for years already with skinny jeans and oversized blazers, extra large shirts and baggy jeans. We can now add giant handbags to the list.

If you want to experiment with the oversized look, here’s a tip: take something like an oversized blazer and pair it with skinny jeans. Or reverse the scenario and choose a pair of wide leg or flared jeans, then add a cinched waist sweater or blouse. Just keep your proportions in mind.

Oversized outfits are on the rise this year

winter outfit in turquoise and brown


We all know that by investing in a great pair of jeans, we feel amazing and can go anywhere.

Opt for a casual top, jeans and sneakers for a comfortable look. Or, pair your favorite pair of jeans with a classic blouse and pumps for a dressy outfit you can wear to the office or to dinner.

Invest in a nice pair of jeans

what jeans to wear for a woman over 50

If a pair of jeans is good, why not double the fun by wearing a Canadian tuxedo: the denim-on-denim that’s all the rage in 2023. The double take on denim is an easy trend to incorporate, as it takes the essentials from the wardrobe and put them together.

Most of us have jeans and a denim jacket lying around in our closet. And some of us have blue jeans and a timeless denim shirt. So go ahead and start creating your own denim look. It’s an easy outfit formula to create this season.

Opt for a total denim look

total trendy denim look for women in 2023


Leather has been a fashion trend for decades. Leather blazers and leather pants being the iconic pieces. In 2023, the leather trend continues with oversized leather jackets, leather dresses, leather pants, leather shorts, boots and bags. We’re seeing head-to-toe leather everywhere this year.

#Leopard print

Leopard print is considered an everlasting pattern. It is therefore not surprising that the leopard print is back in fashion this season. If you’re not used to this print, take it easy with a leopard print accessory. Try a leopard print belt, pair of shoes or scarf. Then you can dare to put on a leopard print skirt with a black turtleneck or a leopard print blouse with your favorite skirt. And maybe you’ll even add a leopard print coat to your wardrobe.

Leopard print is considered an eternal pattern

how to wear leopard print at 50

#Bright colors

Here’s a trend we can all embrace: bright colors. From lilac to cobalt blue, spring green to bright red, you’re spoiled for choice when it comes to colors this year.

So choose a color – any color – and incorporate it into your wardrobe. Bright hues and bold colors are a wonderful contrast to neutral colors.

Bright colors are very popular too.

what colors to wear in 2023 fashion tips for women

Here are the 2023 fashion trends for women over 50

fashion trends 2023 for women over 50

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