Spring-Summer 2023 trends: Here is the complete guide to being right on trend!

Spring-Summer 2023 trends: Here is the complete guide to being right on trend!

As winter is coming to an end, it’s time to talk about the trends for Spring-Summer 2023. Besides, dreaming about next season’s wardrobe turns out to be the perfect way to cut through the noise. New Year’s resolutions. Luckily for us, the fashion industry is always one step ahead, as they presented their Spring/Summer 2023 shows in September and planned our new season wardrobes before even though we thought about it. Discover the spring-summer 2023 trends without delay in the following lines.

Here are the spring-summer 2023 trends

Spring-Summer 2023 trends

2022’s obsession with all things fuchsia gives way to a softer, pastel version of pink, while black and cobalt blue will be the surprise hues of the season. Drop waists and sheer fabrics will be plenty for those looking for something a little sexy, while spring’s breakthrough florals will be three-dimensionally enhanced.

#Sheer fabrics

Sheer fabrics have been on the rise for several seasons, but never more so than for Spring/Summer 2023. Whether it’s dress layering or more daring pieces, it’s a super sexy way to layer up and to add a sense of sultry intrigue to a style.

Transparent fabrics have been a real craze for several seasons

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#Small size

The favorite ’90s low rise is back in style. With everything from jeans to suits, shorts to party skirts, getting the low-rise treatment, it looks like our high-waisted dear might be taking an extended sabbatical for summer 2023.


While glitz season traditionally falls in December to coincide with the seemingly endless flow of the holiday season, 2023 turns the rules upside down and declares that spring/summer is the perfect time for a bit of glitz and glamour. For Summer 2023, the trend is for a softer, lighter color palette, with pale pinks, nudes and pastels set to be the most prolific.

Spring/Summer is the perfect time for a bit of glitz and glamor

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#Boudoir details

Perhaps not to be tried at the office, this year promises to be very sexy with boudoir details in the foreground of evening wear.

#Heart patterns

Even though the season kicks off at the end of March, one of the key trends for Spring/Summer 2023 has a bit of an air of February 14th. The heart-shaped designs were spotted on many catwalks in September, splashed everywhere from hips to legs, chest to hems.

#Flower Patterns

More theatrical than the usual spring bloom, next season will see the classic trend take on a more three-dimensional role, emerging from shirts, shoulders and even the torso. Sure, that last point might be a bit too much for a quiet dinner with friends, but those who aren’t afraid of a standout fashion moment can’t go wrong with this one.

Flower patterns for those who are not afraid of an exceptional fashion moment

flower patterns for spring summer 2023


Fringe, of course, is nothing new, but this familiar design accent will be very present next season. From fringed cuffs that start at the elbow, to fully fringed dresses, to fringed clutches, we’ll see fringe everywhere.

The fringe will be very present next season

what are the spring summer 2023 trends

Women’s Spring-Summer 2023 Trends: Colors

#Cobalt Blue

Fuchsia was undoubtedly the color of 2022, but this year that shade is being pushed aside in favor of a bright blue. It’s been a while since cobalt blue has been at the forefront of fashion trends, and its return is welcome. Spread across everything from dresses to jackets, skirts and even boots, this trend would be wise to follow.

Cobalt blue is back

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An unlikely shade to dominate a Spring/Summer landscape, black was an undeniable recurring theme in recent shows. Of course, the color is lighter than usual, with bare fabrics such as crochet and lace giving the look an unexpected softness.

An unlikely shade to dominate a spring/summer landscape

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#Cotton candy pink

Forget fuchsia, there’s a new shade to know. A softer, more pastel shade of candy pink takes over next season, allowing for a less intense and easier take on the trend. Whether you’re wearing it head to toe or investing in accessories, it would be wise to go pink in March.

A softer, more pastel shade of candy pink is taking over next season

spring summer 2023 trends to adopt this year


A very specific and romantic color trend dominated the Spring/Summer runways – with a soft sunset ombré that turned out to be an unexpected hit. Seeing reds melt into oranges, yellows and whites is the perfect warm antidote to the winter cold, providing a sense of optimism for the new season. If you spot a room with this sunset shade, you won’t regret your investment.

#Pastel shades

The suit becomes increasingly popular during the warmer months. This year, we will see soft pastel shades. But rather than the pinks we’re used to, next season will be all about pastel blues, greens and grays.

This year, we will see soft pastel shades

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The low waist and the fringes are back

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