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Truveta Announces Strategic Collaboration with Pfizer to Accelerate Real-Time Safety Insights – The Journal of Healthcare Contracting

June 22, 2022 – Truveta has announced a strategic collaboration with Pfizer to continually deliver new safety insights while leveraging verifiable real-world data at scale. Truveta will provide Pfizer with an unprecedented data platform for research. The data collected by Truveta is constantly flowing, providing the most up-to-date picture of US health. Pfizer will use de-identified data from Truveta to identify, monitor and assess potential signals in near real-time to inform risk mitigation efforts and enable further research.

Truveta is the world’s first healthcare systems-led data platform with a vision to save lives with data. The 20 innovative members of the Truveta Healthcare System provide more than 16 percent of US patient care from tens of thousands of clinical care centers in 42 states and provide ongoing leadership for Truveta.

Truveta’s data platform enables researchers to quickly monitor, query, and interpret healthcare data from more than 50 million anonymized patient journeys, covering a broad spectrum of diversity across the United States. Data is updated daily and does not include the full Electronic Medical Record (EMR). just the medical bill from claim data, all fully anonymized and aggregated. This clinical data is linked across providers and to medical claims when care is provided outside of Truveta’s network. Each patient record is enriched with comprehensive socioeconomic data and daily mortality data for a complete picture of each patient’s health journey.

In close partnership with its members of the healthcare system, Truveta puts the researcher at the center of its efforts and creates the ability to access data for real-time learning. Truveta’s learning community connects life sciences and healthcare systems to innovate together, gain insights faster, and gain trust through research transparency and reproducibility.

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